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Monumental Landscape: "Mount Pangrango" by Basoeki Abdullah

  • Jun 12, 2023

Raden Basoeki Abdullah, or Basoeki, is renowned as one of Indonesia's most celebrated modern masters. He received classical training at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts (Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten) in the Netherlands from 1935 to 1937, during which he developed his own unique style of painting. Basoeki is known for his naturalistic, realistic, impressionistic, and romantic approaches to art, often capturing the physical beauty of Indonesia in his works. It is with great pride that Global Auction presents a magnificent monumental piece by Basoeki Abdullah in our June 2023 sale.

This particular artwork, titled "Mount Pangrango" (Gunung Gede Pangrango), is an oil on canvas piece measuring 100 by 190 centimeters. Created in 1987, it offers viewers a beautiful and lush journey through the Indonesian countryside, specifically focusing on Mount Pangrango in West Java.

At the bottom right of the composition, Basoeki portrays a duck farmer near a body of water, with his flock of ducks seemingly moving towards him. The depiction of the grasses and vegetation is vibrant and lifelike. Towards the middle, Basoeki includes a serene and abundant river, contributing balance and movement to the overall composition.

On the left side, we observe a picturesque scene of a person residing in a house by the water, with the reflections visible on the water's surface. Along the tree lines, Basoeki's distinctive flamboyant tree stands out, surrounded by an enchanting arrangement of varying heights of other trees. Throughout the artwork, Basoeki skillfully employs shading and highlights, showcasing his mastery of light and darkness while creating depth within the painting.

Beyond the tree lines, the viewer is transported to a distant and expansive green forest, with each layer becoming progressively less defined, naturally conveying a sense of distance. Finally, we are presented with the majestic and mystical Mount Pangrango of West Java in the background.

The painting splendidly captures the mountains with the sun's rays shooting from the left. Basoeki skillfully employs orange and blue paints to depict the mountains, while the top of the mountain showcases volcanic activity with bright orange paint, a crater, and clouds above it.

The name "Pangrango" is believed to originate from the ancient Sundanese words "pang" and "rango," meaning "That which huffs and puffs," alluding to the mountain's past volcanic activity. To enhance the perception of the mountains' dimensional height, Basoeki adds a touch of thin clouds to complete the work.

Throughout the painting, Basoeki's brilliant technique is evident in his skillful layering of spontaneous brushstrokes, resulting in a realistic, naturalistic, and lively composition.

This extraordinary artwork is in excellent overall condition.