Ahmad Sadali: Pioneering Indonesian Modern Abstract Art

  • Sep 21, 2023
painting ahmad sadali
ahmad sadali painting

Born in July 1924, Ahmad Sadali was an Indonesian painter and esteemed art lecturer, who emerged as a leading avant-garde figure in the Indonesian art scene following the aftermath of World War II. Renowned as a muralist, designer, and scholar, he stood as an authentic trailblazer in his era, known for his profound mastery over artistic forms and materials. His pivotal role in shaping the counter-cultural wave of abstract art in Indonesia further solidified his stature.

Coming from West Java, he pursued his education at the Bandung Institute of Technology, an institution he would later return to as a professor. His contributions were further underscored by the recognition he received – The National Art Award bestowed upon him by the government in 1972. His artistic creations, widely acknowledged as integral components of the nation's modern art history, remain enduring legacies.

As one of the earliest and foremost students of Ries Mulder, a representative of the "Bandung School" of Indonesian art, Ahmad Sadali occupied a prominent position. His artistic journey played an influential role in advancing modern Abstract art in Indonesia. Particularly noted for his proficiency in Abstract Expressionism, Cubism, and Color Field painting, he showcased a distinctive style characterized by geometric forms and vibrant hues. His artworks have found their place in the collections of numerous esteemed institutions, showcasing his lasting impact.

auction ahmad sadali
Lot 006 | AHMAD SADALI | Untitled, 1983 | Pastel on paper: 35 x 44 cm
Est. SGD 7,100 - 11,000

From 1950 until his passing in 1987, Sadali played a significant and transformative role in shaping the trajectory of modern Abstract art in Indonesia. His constant drive to explore colors, forms, and spatial dimensions remained unwavering. The aspiration to translate his emotions onto the canvas occupies a prominent role in communicating his artistic philosophy, a concept vividly exemplified in this artwork crafted in 1983. Each of his works reflects Ahmad Sadali's skill in analyzing forms through the strokes and lines he creates.

A bright pink, orange, and black, with a hint of yellow and greyish-white, are applied as shades that complement the painting. Executed in 1983, “Untitled” features a rare choice of colors and style by Sadali that reminisces the playfulness and spontaneousness of Basquiat’s works. This painting was exhibited at the prestigious “Pameran Maestro Seni Rupa Sadali: Karya | Pemikiran | Penafsiran” at the National Gallery of Indonesia from June 25 to July 14, 2014.

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