Hening Purnamawati: The Surrealist with Her Unique Imagination

  • Sep 20, 2023
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One of the Indonesian female artists who excels in surrealist painting is Hening Purnamawati. Born in Cimahi on September 3, 1960, Hening is known for her skill in depicting animals, plants, and human figures. This surrealist style can give the impression of being complicated, strange, and mysterious, but it is also interesting for the viewer.

Hening Purnawamati graduated from ISI Yogyakarta in 1987. Her career continued to develop until she was able to hold a solo exhibition at the Indonesian-American Friendship Center (PPIA) in 1988. Her amazing talent earned Hening several prestigious awards and recognition, including:

  1. Indonesian Fine Art Academy (ASRI) Yogyakarta for the Best Sketches (1981) and the Best Work (1987)
  2. Perupa Muda Surabaya (Surabaya Young Painters) for the Best Painting, the Ten Best Paintings Award (1994) and the Best Winner of Best Work
  3. Indonesian Art Award (1996) from the Indonesian Fine Art Foundation
  4. Talented Popular Figure of East Java from Surabaya Post (1996)
  5. The Award from the Department of Tourism and Culture, minister Marzuki Usman (1998). 
  6. Philip Morris Indonesian Fine Arts Foundation Art Awards in 1994 and 1996

And, of course, there are many more awards and recognitions for her works.

Hening is always consistent in her surrealist style. It takes Hening 2-5 months to complete her work. The intricate details she includes in her paintings often depict various objects: humans, patterns, flowers, fruit, water, strangely shaped animals, air, and anything else that comes to her imagination. Hening's paintings come to life on large canvases filled with meticulously painted objects on a small scale.

hening purnamawati painting auction
Lot 047 | HENING PURNAMAWATI | Bahtera Keselamatan, 2000 | Oil on canvas: 140 x 200 cm
Est. SGD 4,000 - 6,300

One example of her work that we can observe is "Bahtera Keselamatan" created in the year 2000, with dimensions of 140 x 200 cm, using oil paint on canvas. Upon gazing at it, we feel as though we are being welcomed into a realm of silent imagination. This piece centers on the theme of nature as a breathtaking subject, serving as the wellspring of inspiration for this unique painting.

In a catalog for a painting exhibition held in Surabaya in 1992, Hening articulated the significance of space and time in life. Everything she commits to canvas is born from her imagination and fantasy, as she endeavors to explore the dimensions of space and time.

For her, the enigma of nature embodies beauty, tenderness, and silence, but also violence and tension that stir the soul. These various emotions impel her to channel it all into her creative expressions on canvas.

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