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Hendra Gunawan's 'Waterfall' and 'Dapur Pejuang'

  • Dec 02, 2023

“My paintings are the only children of my artistry”

Hendra Gunawan, a painter who implements nationalism. He provided proof of his undiminished nationalistic fervour in his paintings. He encouraged potential painters to express their nationalism freely. As one of the greatest pioneers of modern Indonesian art, Hendra's works contain visual elements originating in primary Indonesian societies. He spent his life celebrating his country's and the people's vitality and beauty.

Hendra's childhood was filled with exploration; his love for the outdoors was a blessing because he had the opportunity to fully experience nature's riches. Not only did he appreciate brightly lit places, but he was also keen on exploring dark corners. To him, “brightness” represents reality, while “darkness" is a challenge; they complement each other.

The journey into the world of art was quite complicated and challenging for Hendra. As a teenager, he challenged himself to run away from leaving to study art. However, his optimism propelled the rapid development of his artistic world. This journey led him from city to city, where he learned various techniques from other artists, showcasing his determination and dedication in the Indonesian art scene.

Lot 007 | HENDRA GUNAWAN| Waterfall, 1975 | Oil on canvas: 70 x 100 cm
Est SGD 27,000 - 45,000

Renowned as a skilled artist specializing in landscape painting, "Waterfall" is one of his landscape artwork crafted in a mix of surrealist, impressionist and expressionist style. The painting is predominantly adorned in breathtaking shades of blue, skillfully portraying a waterfall and lush trees on both the right and left sides. He skillfully rendered this painting to appear both dreamy and beautiful simultaneously. The painting is mainly teal blue, representing a waterfall in the background. The trees exposed to light are a mix of light pink and pearl colors. Adding green to the leaves and brown to the ground gives it an earthy feel, creating a harmonious overall effect. This painting is a visual manifestation of Hendra’s love for his country and its bountiful natural beauty.

Lot 008 | HENDRA GUNAWAN| Dapur Pejuang | Oil on board: 75 x 108 cm
Est SGD 27,000 - 30,000

“Dapur Pejuang” is a notable early work by Hendra, distinguished by his use of earthy tones. It is a rare piece from his early career and reflects a struggle period of Indonesian history during the colonial era. Hendra uses an abstract expressionist style to depict the figures and their surroundings in the painting.

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