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Indonesian Cubism Art: Harmony of Geometric in Colors

  • Jan 26, 2024

When you think of "cubism" in the context of art, what comes to your mind? Do you picture a piece of art made up solely of cubist shapes? Well, the cubism style is more intriguing than that. Cubism, as an art movement that emerged at the start of the 20th century, is actually more intricate than just geometric cubist shapes in artworks. 

This movement, led by artists like Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, focused on breaking down objects into basic geometric shapes, creating unique perspectives and prompting the viewer to perceive reality in a new way. Through cubism, artists aimed to represent objects from multiple viewpoints simultaneously, producing innovative artworks and offering an immersive visual experience for the viewer. The primary feature of Cubism is the representation of subjects using bold, geometric blocks separated by contrasting colors.

Cubism Painters of Indonesia

Indonesia also has several renowned artists who have created works of art in the cubism style. Global Auction is honored to showcase their pieces at our upcoming auction this January. These are the artists and their works in our special collections:

Mochtar Apin

Global Auction 27th January 2024 Sale 
Lot 011 | MOCHTAR APIN | Untitled, 1982 | Oil on canvas: 60 x 73 cm
Est. SGD 5,800 - 7,100

Not just an ordinary painter, Mochtar Apin was an artist who played a crucial role in the advancement of modern art in Indonesia. He was highly esteemed throughout his life and served as a primary source of information for modern thought, which was often hard to understand. While he frequently discussed the development of modern art in Indonesia, Apin's explanations were often unclear about his art development, making it difficult to comprehend the evolution of his work. The journey of Apin's artistic evolution was constantly surprising and frequently sparked controversy. For instance, in the early 1990s, Apin transitioned from his abstract style, super-graphic sculptures, and geometric patterned paintings to nude paintings.

Roedyat Martadiredja

Global Auction 27th January 2024 Sale 
Lot 084 | ROEDYAT MARTADIREDJA | Aktivitas Di Bali, 1968 | Oil on canvas: 55 x 125 cm
Est. SGD 6,100 - 8,500
Global Auction 27th January 2024 Sale 
Lot 085 | ROEDYAT MARTADIREDJA | Perkampungan Nelayan, 1969 | Oil on canvas: 66 x 125 cm
Est. SGD 3,400 - 5,400

Roedyat Martadiredja, an artist born in Bandung, began painting in 1948 and pursued studies at the Bandung Institute of Technology. He held his solo exhibition in Jakarta in 1978 and was featured in the East-West Center’s Art of Bali exhibition in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1988. His art works are distinguished by their unique, rich, and colorful compositions that exude a strong sense of rhythm. They are held in private collections in Europe and the United States.


Global Auction 27th January 2024 Sale 
Lot 093 | HANDRIO | Labyrinth, 1981 | Oil on canvas: 100 x 130 cm
Est. SGD 3,400 - 4,500
Global Auction 27th January 2024 Sale 
Lot 095 | HANDRIO | Wanita, 1975 | Oil on canvas: 84 x 124 cm
Est. SGD 3,400 - 4,500

Handrio is a renowned painter recognized for his expertise in cubism and color fields, often incorporating musical elements into his work. He began his painting career by studying with Basoeki Abdullah. Furthermore, during the Japanese period, he studied with Sudjojono and Agus Djaja at Keimin Bunka Shidoso and Poetera in Jakarta. At first, Handrio's paintings were in the style of realism and Surrealism.  

He shifted to a semi-abstract style in the 1950s, skillfully deconstructed shapes within geometric planes, a very different style from the prevailing Yogyakarta painters of the era. His journey continued into the late 1960s, when these forms transformed into dynamic, intricate geometric spaces. The 1980s marked the peak of Handrio's career, a period when he skillfully showcased colors and geometric fields in his artwork.

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