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Pardoli Fadli and His Naturalist-Realist Works

  • Apr 02, 2024

Rice is more than just a staple for the people of Indonesia; it embodies life and abundance passed down through generations. Similarly, traditional dance culture is steeped in rich values. These elements have become integral to daily life and a wellspring of inspiration for Indonesian artists like Pardoli Fadli, a talented painter whose creations are truly remarkable.  The naturalism and realism painting style has always been popular among art enthusiasts because it often portrays everyday activities, landscapes, society, and natural scenes revolve around these two themes. Global Auction is showcasing a selection of Pardoli Fadli's paintings that capture these popular themes in an online timed auction until April 5th. Join us in exploring the beauty and significance woven into these captivating artworks!

One of the renowned Indonesian painters known for his naturalist realist style is Pardoli Fadli, born on July 4, 1971, in Cilacap, Central Java. He has showcased his solo exhibitions at Maestro Inn, Perth, Australia in 1997, Harvey's Gallery, Perth, Australia in 1998, and City Hotel Melbourne, Australia in 2003. Pardoli is known for his independent expression of feelings and thoughts in each of his works, which fall under the genre of naturalist realist. Two recurring themes in Pardoli's work are the theme of harvest and dancers.

pardoli fadli
Global Auction 5th April 2024 Sale
Lot 028 | PARDOLI FADLI | Panen Raya-Dieng, 2022 | Oil on canvas: 100 x 150 cm
Est. SGD 8,000 - 11,000

Unlike the usual realism painting that depicts fruit, rice fields, or plants, Pardoli's paintings with a harvest theme carry a deeper meaning behind that. For Pardoli, the harvest results symbolize abundant fortune and also reflect the joy expressed by the farmers during the harvest. In this painting, Pardoli Fadli encapsulates a profound principle - that true success is achieved through unity and shared endeavor.

lukisan pardoli fadli
Global Auction 5th April 2024 Sale
Lot 029 | PARDOLI FADLI | Berhias Siap Pentas, 2010 | Oil on canvas: : 145 x 145 cm
Est. SGD 8,000 - 11,000

No less captivating than the harvest scene, the painting "Berhias Siap Pentas" also captures the attention of any observer. It portrays three dancers assisting each other in getting ready with their dance props. The painting exudes a sense of warmth through its theme, showing close boundaries between three of them. Pardoli intricately decorates the dance props with golden patterns, including crowns and other embellishments.

They depict Legong dancers preparing for the stage. The Legong dance originates from Bali and is an integral part of Bali's rich and diverse culture. Legong is often performed in religious ceremonies, festivals, or art performances. This dance is known for its smooth and graceful movements and the beauty of the costumes worn by the dancers. The stories presented in the Legong dance often tell about love, myths, or epic stories taken from Bali's rich cultural heritage. The presence of the Legong dance is not only enchanting in its visual aesthetics but also because it is able to convey deep cultural and philosophical values to the audience.

Pardoli excels in painting techniques, encompassing an understanding of light, the interplay of shadows, and the contrast between light and dark to establish a striking visual difference. Additionally, Pardoli applies fundamental naturalist/realist principles, such as depicting objects further away with less detail, thereby enhancing the natural perception of dimensions in art.

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