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  • Apr 03, 2024

In our previous article, we have already highlighted some affordable artworks of high value that are worth collecting. In this article, we will further explore collections from other notable artists. Make note of these exquisite pieces that could complement your collection. Who can resist affordable yet exceptional artworks?


Born in 1926 in Purwakarta, Handrio started his painting career by studying with Basoeki Abdullah. He later studied with Sudjojono and Agus Djaja at Keimin Bunka Shidoso and Poetera in Jakarta during the Japanese period. Influenced by Basoeki Abdullah, Handrio's paintings were in the style of realism and surrealism. Later in the 1950s, Handrio has shifted to a semi-abstract style, which is analytically Handrio breaking down shapes in the geometric plane. This style was a different expression from the Yogyakarta painters at that time who generally painted populist themes from realism to expressionism and decorative styles. In this semi-abstract style, he analyzes many forms of still life objects and musical instruments. 

In its development in the late 1960s, these forms disappeared into dynamic and complex geometric spaces. The peak of Handrio's abstract style achievement occurred in the 1980s. The space, field, and color in his paintings represent the characterization of the construction of the elements themselves. In this expression, what is present is dynamics, rhythm, complexity, robustness, balance, or other images.

handrio painting
Global Auction 5th April 2024 Sale
Lot 025 | HANDRIO | Abstraksi Geometri Ruang, 1990| Oil on canvas: 80 x 100 cm
Est. SGD 3,600 - 5,400


lukisan handrio
Global Auction 5th April 2024 Sale
Lot 026 | HANDRIO | Dinamika Keruangan, 1991| Oil on canvas: 112 x 123 cm
Est. SGD 3,600 - 5,400

Another affordable collection we offer from Handrio features geometric abstract works with plane shapes and lines as the focal point. Handrio's paintings showcase a wide range of rich and diverse colors, including vibrant tones in “Abstraksi Geometri Ruang” and muted colors in “Dinamika Keruangan”.

Barli Sasmitawinata

Barli Sasmitawinata's artistic journey began in 1935 alongside Kelompok Lima Bandung. With mentors like Jos Pluimentz and Luigi Nobili, he sharpened his painting skills. His artistic pursuits also led him to Academia Grande de la Chaumiere (Paris) and the Academy of Fine Art Amsterdam in 1957. His talent earned recognition through awards like Jaarmarktprijss Surabaya, Keimin Bunka Shidoso Jakarta, Barisan Propaganda Jabar, and Culturele Stichting Samenwerking Nederland Indonesia (Holland). Sasmitawinata’s art often reflects powerful social themes that are deeply rooted when he was in the "Kelompok Lima Bandung", influencing Barli's work significantly.

barli sasmitawinata painting
Global Auction 5th April 2024 Sale
Lot 037 | BARLI SASMITAWINATA | Bunga Mawar, 1999 | Oil on canvas: 100 x 135 cm
Est. SGD 3,400 - 5,400

This painting, belonging to the still life genre, portrays roses in a vase adorned with distinctive decorations, embellished with miniature horse figurines. The array of rose hues creates an impressive ambiance, complemented by the intricate designs on the vase.

Nyoman Gunarsa

Nyoman Gunarsa is an artist born in Klungkung, Bali, who is an alumnus of the Indonesian Academy of Fine Arts (ASRI) in Yogyakarta and later became a fine arts lecturer at his alma mater. Gunarsa actively participates in various art exhibitions, both in Indonesia and abroad, and his brilliant works have earned him various prestigious awards.

Since 1967, Gunarsa has been actively holding solo exhibitions in various places, such as the British Embassy, Jakarta (1967), Arcade Gallery, Kuala Lumpur (1971), Blance Gallery, San Francisco (1991), Blance Gallery, Osaka (1982), 21 Gallery, Singapore (1995), Opera-Gallery, Paris (1996), and Hamburgische Landesbank, Hamburg (1998).

Gunarsa is a contemporary Indonesian artist who combines Balinese and Hindu folklore with expressionist figurative forms. He is skilled at depicting traditional dancers, musicians, and important figures, with each work conveying a wealth of emotion on his canvas.

nyoman gunarsa
Global Auction 5th April 2024 Sale
Lot 040 | NYOMAN GUNARSA | Dancer, 1997 | Oil on canvas: 95 x 95 cm
Est. SGD 2,200 - 3,100

Gunarsa portrays two dancers in his expressionistic style, blending the predominant blue hue with shades of yellow, pastel, green, and red on a grayish-white backdrop, enhancing the visibility of the main subject through contrast.

Dolorosa Sinaga

Born on 31 October 1952, Dolorosa Sinaga is an Indonesian sculpture artist. Her works often reflect themes such as faith, crisis, solidarity, multiculturalism, and women's struggles.One of her famous works is a statue of a woman holding hands, entitled "Solidarity," which is now part of the National Commission on Violence Against Women's collection.

She also held the position of dean at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ) and is still actively teaching at the same institution today. In the process of creating her sculptures, Sinaga routinely carries out her own carving, welding, casting, and metal casting. She firmly proves that sculpture artists are not limited to only men. 

Apart from that, she also challenges the male gaze, which often views women as sexual objects, emphasizing only their aspects of beauty and sensuality. Sinaga is also the founder of Somalaing Art Studio, an art studio that she established around her house in Pinang Ranti, East Jakarta, in 1987.

dolorosa sinaga
Global Auction 5th April 2024 Sale
Lot 042 | DOLOROSA SINAGA | Elegance of a Dancer, 2000 | Bronze: 55 x 26 x 12 cm
Est. SGD 2,200 - 3,100
dolorosa sinaga
Global Auction 5th April 2024 Sale
Lot 043 | DOLOROSA SINAGA | Couple | Bronze: 35 x 9 x 6 cm
Est. SGD 1,800 - 2,700

Dolorosa's skill in sculpting is evident in the two pieces showcased above. In "Elegance of a Dancer," Dolorosa skillfully captures and conveys the fluidity of movement in this bronze sculpture. The intricate details created by Dolorosa bring a sense of dynamic energy to the piece. On the other hand, in the sculpture "Couple," Dolorosa evokes a romantic atmosphere with the use of a warm gold color palette.

As we approach the final online timed auction on April 5th, curated with meticulous care by Global Auction, we invite you to seize the opportunity to bid on these affordable pieces that resonate with you. Explore our e-catalogue, engage with our marketing team for any inquiries, and start on a journey of collecting art exclusively with Global Auction!

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