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Top 8 Sold Artworks Beyond The Estimated Prices

  • Jun 04, 2024

Thank you for your support in making the Global Auction on May 25th, 2024, a great success! We showcased 175 paintings by diverse South East Asian artists and the event garnered significant interest as multiple pieces fetched hammer prices well above the initial estimates. If you missed the auction, don't worry because here are some of our highlighted works that achieved the highest hammer prices beyond the estimated price during the auction.


lukisan pohon beringin affandi
Lot 001
Banyan Tree (Pohon Beringin), 1972
Oil on canvas: 120 x 200 cm
Est. SGD 134.000 - 179.000
Price Realized: SGD 500.200

As a Master Artist, Affandi has adeptly conveyed his emotions with complete and vivid expression in each of his artworks. This is beautifully exemplified in this magnificent piece, 'Banyan Tree,' where the maestro skillfully communicates his feelings by using the banyan tree as a symbol of protection, resilience, strength, and unity.

The symbolism of protection embodied by the banyan tree is portrayed in this artwork, where beneath the tree, a picturesque scene of people with various activities unfolds. On the left of the tree, Affandi painted temples with people interacting and living under the tree. Towards the bottom center, Affandi also painted a hog and its piglets, a scene he witnessed firsthand while painting, characterized by Affandi's signature black strokes, which is also what makes the painting special. 

In the present lot, Affandi portrayed the banyan tree using a palette of black, green, and yellow colors to depict the lush foliage, which covers nearly the entire upper portion of the canvas from left to right. With strokes of light brown and spontaneous lines, the banyan tree's roots are illustrated, hanging from the top to the bottom of the canvas. The robust trunk is central, depicted in deep brown hues.

As a master in composition, he also painted palm trees and plants to paint a beautiful scene. This artwork, created on a canvas measuring 120 x 200 cm in 1972 is one of the largest banyan tree by Affandi, in addition This work has been verified as authentic by The Affandi Museum, combines all these elements making this " Banyan Tree '' one of Affandi's invaluable masterpieces.

lukisan self potret affandi
Lot 004
Self Portrait (Potret Diri), 1971
Oil on canvas: 86 x 80 cm
Est. SGD 107.000 - 134.000
Price Realized: SGD 292.800

Affandi's passion for painting Self-Portrait themes is timeless. In his piece "Self Portrait," Affandi portrays a contemplative and emotional image of himself. The passage of time serves as a silent observer to the human spirit's ongoing transformation, inspiring Affandi to capture it in a series of Self-Portraits. Beyond being a mere self-portrait, his work serves as a profound exploration of Affandi's identity and soulful expression. Beneath the expressive strokes, a range of emotions emanate from the master. Affandi boldly showcases his imperfections, unapologetically revealing every flaw within himself.

This collection of Self-Portraits serves as a narrative of Affandi's life journey, documenting his experiences of physical changes on canvas. Each painting captures a pivotal moment in his life, providing a glimpse into the artist's innermost being. Spanning by 86 x 80 cm, in this painting titled "Self-Portrait," Affandi depicts himself at the age of 68. We can observe it from the balding center of his head, while the hair on the right and left remains thick, along with his mustache and beard. The facial features show the emergence of wrinkles, depicted with red and yellow streaks, and closed eyes. Affandi also painted his signature symbol of ‘Sun, Feet and Hands’ with orange paint that symbolizes his fulfilment in this particular work.

I Gusti Ayu Kadek Murniasih

lukisan IGAK Murniasih
Lot 012
Don’t Forget Flowers In The Fridge Today (Jangan Lupa Bunga di dalam Kulkas Hari Ini), 1997
Oil on canvas: 60 x 40 cm
Est. SGD 3.100 - 4.000
Price Realized: SGD 19.520

Themes of sexuality and the struggles of women are prominent in I GAK Murniasih's art, influenced by her personal experiences. The trauma she endured as a victim of sexual violence compelled her to express her emotions on canvas. While not everyone may push the boundaries of what is considered taboo and talk about such themes in public, Murni's main themes in her works revolve around them, very distinct from the Balinese style or art genre prevalent during her productive years. 

She was the first Balinese painter whose work was collected by the Tate Modern Gallery. Born in Tabanan, Bali in 1966, Murni uses art as a form of therapy, as a personal historical record, and as a daily practice. Self-taught to develop her artistic talents, Murni explores the themes of her work in both two and three dimensions. During her learning process, Murni studied with traditional painter Dewa Putu Mokoh, which allowed her to refine her skills on canvas.

“Don’t Forget Flowers In The Fridge Today” is one of her early works that still seems to be influenced by Dewa Putu Mokoh, can be seen from the color usage and shape of the objects. However, Murni still incorporates her own characteristics, as shown in the subject and storytelling. Her career as an artist was relatively brief, making her works rare, particularly her early works.

Hendra Gunawan

Born in Bandung in 1918, Hendra Gunawan is an Indonesian maestro who implements nationalism. As one of the greatest pioneers of modern Indonesian art, Hendra's works contain visual elements originating in Indonesian societies. He spent his life celebrating his country's and the people's vitality and beauty. As someone who finds beauty in the everyday lives of the common people, he loves to depict the beauty of them and Indonesia’s scenery, elevating them to a revered level.

Lot 002
Papaya Seller (Penjual Pepaya), 1980
Oil on canvas: 140 x 80 cm
Est. SGD 67.000 - 112.000Price 
Realized: SGD 115.900

The painting titled 'Papaya Seller' by Hendra Gunawan showcases his distinctive portrayal of female figures. This artwork is intriguing as Hendra Gunawan illustrates a woman vending papaya fruit against a backdrop of a beach scene with fishermen lounging on the shore. The woman is presented in a gentle and artistic manner using vibrant colors that are characteristic of Hendra's style. Delicately, Hendra incorporated floral motifs into the woman's pink attire with darker accents. The skirt fabric is dyed in yellow with a dark brown pattern. The color palette of the woman's attire harmonizes well with the turquoise background, creating a beautiful blend. During the post-independence era, agricultural products like vegetables, and fruits,  became the primary commodities of society, symbolized by the papaya in this painting.

Lot 003
My Homeland (Tanah Airku), 1971
Oil on canvas: 62 x 137 cm
Est. SGD 45.000 - 63.000
Price Realized: SGD 58.560

Entitled "Tanah Airku," this painting by Hendra portrays a serene rural scene along the riverbank.  Created in 1971, this painting was made while Hendra was imprisoned in Kebon Waru Prison. During that time, Hendra was accused of involvement with Lekra (People's Cultural Institute), which was linked to the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI).

If we delve deeper, the majestic mountain in the background exudes a sense of peace and natural beauty with its soft, bright blue and pink hues, which are characteristic of Hendra's style. The mountains and rivers are uniformly painted in shades of blue, complemented by lush green trees on either side. At the right side, Hendra included a banyan tree, known for its sturdy, strong, and nurturing philosophy, symbolizing the source of life, wealth, and prosperity. 

Hendra also included figures of people under the tree, where they leisurely relaxed and conversed under it. The maestro portrayed them from a distant perspective in a minimalist yet highly artistic manner. This painting allows us to appreciate a beautiful scenic composition. This artwork is featured in the book  “Surga Kemelut Pelukis Hendra, Dari Pengantin Revolusi Sampai Terali Besi” by Agus Dermawan.

Trubus Sudarsono

Lot 007
Legong Dance (Tari Legong), 1961
Oil on canvas: 70 x 111 cm
Est. SGD 13.000 - 18.000
Price Realized: SGD 20.740

The Legong Dance painting (1961) in our collection depicts a female dancer with dancing attributes portrayed realistically, starting from her crown to her clothes. On the right, a man is depicted as a tambour player watching the dancer. The color palette consists mainly of golden yellow, with hints of green and blue in the background, blending harmoniously with the dancer's movements and curves.

Trubus Sudarsono, a Yogyakarta-born painter in 1926, is renowned as one of the masters of Indonesian realism and was a favorite artist of President Sukarno. Despite financial constraints preventing him from completing formal education, Trubus displayed artistic talent from a young age. He continued to develop his skills as a self-taught artist and embarked on his professional painting career in 1945.

Trubus Sudarsono's artistic style is heavily influenced by social realism, focusing on portraying the daily lives of Indonesian people. His artworks often depict the struggles against oppression and poverty faced by the people, along with the nation's unwavering spirit of independence.

When Yogyakarta became the temporary capital of the country, Trubus established relations with President Sukarno. Sukarno requested Trubus to create portraits of heroes, one of which is a portrait of Kartini that currently resides in the Presidential Palace Yogyakarta. 

Basoeki Abdullah

Lot 010
Harvest (Panen)
Oil on canvas: 57 x 74 cm
Est. SGD 5.800 - 7.100
Price Realized: SGD 13.420

This stunning piece titled "Harvest" by Basoeki Abdullah captures the moment of the harvest season. With the golden rice fields that are being harvested, you'll see the farmers with their figures dwarfed by the majestic mountains in the distance. It's a true masterpiece that showcases the beauty of nature adorned with a cloudy sky and shady trees.

Artistic talent runs in Basoeki Abdullah's family, as he is one of Indonesia's most celebrated painters. Abdullah's artistic journey began at the age of 4 when he passionately painted iconic figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Jesus Christ, and Krishnamurti. Known for his realistic and naturalistic painting style, Basoeki Abdullah was appointed as the Presidential Painter at Istana Merdeka in Jakarta by President Soekarno. As a realist painter, Basoeki frequently undertakes commissioned portraits and models for nobles.


Lot 011
Balinese Hero (Pahlawan Bali), 1968
Oil on canvas: 96 x 62 cm
Est. SGD 49.000 - 63.000
Price Realized: SGD 69.540

S. Sudjojono, a celebrated painter known for his charm, intelligence, and charisma, is most recognized for his self-portrait paintings, a series of artworks created throughout his artistic journey. When painting an object, Sudjojono consistently grasps the character and momentary attributes of the subject being portrayed. His work is intricate, realistic, pragmatic, and imbued with sincerity, providing a vivid reflection of the great painter's persona. 

Courage, truth, and honesty are the fundamental principles in his artistic expression. These principles are evident in Sudjojono's steadfast dedication to portraying the reality of Indonesia during the colonial period, setting him apart from other artists who embraced the Mooi Indie style.

"Balinese Heroes" is a collection we had from the maestro S. Sudjojono, depicting a mask dancer from the "Topeng Dance". The Topeng, meaning "mask," is a theatrical show where performers wear intricate costumes narrating stories of legendary kings, heroes, and myths, accompanied by a traditional music orchestra. 

The dance described more precisely is the Pajegan mask dance. Dance is taken from the word Majeg which means doing everything alone. In dance there is only 1 actor who then plays various characters using different masks while telling the story through monologue. Every detail of the splendor of this dancer is described by Sudjojono perfectly.

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